SVG scholarship established at Ontario’s Canadore College

An annual scholarship to benefit SVG applicants at Canadore College, a community college in North Bay, Ontario. The focus of the college is on focus is on student success, program and service excellence, connection to community, sustainability and innovation. The award is funded by the Anderson Family Foundation and coordinated by the Grenadines Initiative. This is the description that will appear within the school’s financial aid program:

A needs-based scholarship created by the David and Christine Anderson Family Foundation to benefit students arriving directly from St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Preference will be given to those who are academically inclined, have a demonstrated work ethic, are making contributions to their home community, and are enrolling in professional programs that reflect the main industries of SVG, including hospitality, the culinary arts, medical sciences, transportation, and the trades. The award will cover fees associated with tuition, residence while courses are in session, and books and supplies as required and/or outlined within the course syllabus.

For more information about this scholarship or eligibility, contact us or visit the Canadore website.


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